I Defy You Stars by Katie M. John

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 7.01.13 PM
Ages: 15 and up
Genre: Upper YA Contemporary Romance
For Fans of:  Romeo & Juliet
Summary:  Amber is Juliet’s best friend, always has been, but then a series of terrible events expose Juliet’s life as nothing more than an intricate lie; and those she believed to be friends, have been the very worst kind of enemies.

At sixteen, accused of murder, and her whole family breaking down around her, Juliet’s only hope is Rafe, the boy she met just a few weeks before. The only problem is, he is her potential stepbrother, and she’s falling for him hard.

At eighteen, Rafe is saving for the trip of a lifetime before embarking on the exciting world of university and adulthood. But, his friendship with best friend, Cutz, street artist, social anarchist, and street fighter, lures Rafe into an underground world, where he not only gets to exorcise his demons, but his frustrations over his love for Juliet.

As stresses, fears, and adult life come crashing down around them, Rafe and Juliet face an inevitable high-speed journey into tragedy.

A story of Love, Poetry, Shakespeare, Street Fighting, Murder, and Breaking All The Rules.

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