Lullaby by Bridgette O’Hare

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Age: 12 and up

Genre:Upper YA – Supernatural Suspense (with a romantic twist)

For fans of: Cassandra Clare, Kiera Cass, Twilight

Summary: Halle Michaels is on the brink of insanity.

She’s haunted by dreams. Dreams that find their way into her reality. Nightmares of death…of destruction. Visions that will uncover the truth – about her abilities, her family’s origins, and her part in a prophecy that could change the world.

But when a mysterious book shows up on her doorstep, can those dreams save her from an overwhelming evil? One that has its sights set on Halle.

She wanted normal, but normal is overrated. She was born to be so much more.

5 Star Review:Angels and Demons and Hot Guys, Oh My! This was a fun read. In some ways it had all the classic elements of most young adult novels – bare chested teenage boys, a heroine learning about what makes her special, along with a close knit group of sarcastic friends. The storyline was familiar but also quite original. Some of the things that made this book different were really clever. I liked this author’s interpretation of auras and how they changed colors with emotions. I liked how Halle, the main female protagonist, couldn’t see her guardian angel but could hear him. Aedan was always close by, protecting her and guiding her. It was romantic without being creepy like some young adult romances where the lead man almost seems like he’s a stalker. All and all the romantic elements were subtle which I personally enjoyed…If you’re looking to try out a new YA author, I’d recommend Bridgette O’Hare. I know I’m looking forward to the next Book of Dreams.

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