Myst by Stacie Wilson

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By: Stacie Wilson
Age: 13 and up
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
For Fans of: Urban Fantasy, Magic & Romance
Summary:  Two worlds separated by magic. The future of both rests in her hands.

Surrounded by a loving family and her two best friends, Brianna St. James’ life has been filled with love and happiness. Now that she’s graduated from high school, her only worry should be what major to declare in the fall. But when nightmares plague her, and unexplainable things start to happen, any hopes for a simple life flicker and fade.

Drustan, her sworn Guardian and protector, has been sent to bring her home. Now he must help her remember a past that was taken from her and protect her from the dark forces that would see her dead.

5 Star Review: Brilliant magical read. I can’t recommend enough...I found Myst a very enjoyable read. Stacie as created a steady paced magical read with everything you could want from such a genre. She gives you magic, Hunky Guardians; a strong loveable heroine, Dragons; Shadow Masters, action, and romance. It has everything…The characters are well developed and grow nicely throughout the story. They are loveable with enough humor to keep you smiling…I thoroughly recommend this read and personally can not wait for Book Two.

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