Falling by Tara Benham

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 7.26.22 PM
Age: 12 and up
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
For Fans of: Hush, Hush

Summary: An earthquake is coming, soon. A small town in Kentucky is set to be destroyed. Bayla, Heaven’s Soul Collector, has been given two tasks; make sure the earthquake happens according to plan, and also make certain Gray Ellison, a teenaged human, survives. Bayla has a perfect record for completing missions; so, when another angel is added into the mix, she begins to question the Head Council’s faith in her. Just as she is getting used to working with Hadraniel, her unasked for back-up, she has to face another hurdle. When Declan shows up with the mission to make sure Gray doesn’t survive the earthquake, he starts to challenge all of Bayla’s beliefs and plans. Declan isn’t your typical demon. He’s gorgeous and arrogant, but there’s something about him that Bayla can’t quite put her finger on. Declan’s presence threatens the mission to save Gray, and Bayla herself. Will she be able to complete her assigned mission successfully despite these new obstacles, or will Gray be lost to Hell forever?

5 Star Review: My review can’t even do it justice. Let me start by saying that it’s rare I give 5 stars to anything paranormal. This was nothing short of a 5 star read. The story of an angel Bayla learning to allow human feelings, trusting her mission, and sacrificing for the grace of others is inspiring! I am going to venture to say that if this book got enough promoting it could truly be a best selling series. I know I am on the edge waiting for book 2 in September. Fans of Amy Bartols premonition series would love this!!

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