Trapped in Paris by Evelyn Holingue

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Age: 12 and up

Genre: YA Contemporary Action/Adventure

For fans of: Action and suspense, reluctant readers, fans of Paris and France

Summary: Sixteen-year-old Cameron and Framboise have nothing in common and no reason to meet. But when a volcano eruption in Iceland interrupts all air traffic, the two teenagers find themselves trapped in Paris. When they witness a murder on the River Seine and are kidnapped by a mysterious dangerous man, they become unlikely partners in a fast spine-chilling four-day adventure through the Parisian suburbs.

Confronted with exceptional events, Cameron and Framboise must rely on each other. When they get separated, after a disagreement, Cameron will trust his survival instinct, brave danger, and act with unexpected courage. Ultimately Cameron and Frambroise will also overcome their personal grief and open their hearts to the possibility of change and love.

5 Star Review: A hip, intelligent YA thriller with heart … had me turning pages well past my bedtime. Simultaneously edgy and wholesome, this is a realistic story of two teens who find themselves trapped in Paris when the airport shuts down after a volcano erupts in Iceland (a true event). The author exhibits a gift for vivid description and a fast-paced, well-twisted plot … 

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  1. Thank you, Christina, for having me over at Page Burners. Appreciate the opportunity. Best to you and everyone reading this post.


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