Regress by SF Benson

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Age: 16 and up (upper YA)

Genre: YA Dystopian

For fans of: Divergent and Delirium

Summary: Truly Shara Shepard, who lives in war-torn New Detroit, is your typical teenager. She enjoys music and art, but in her world these things are banned. Citizens regularly report the location of Creatives to the government. Not only is Tru guilty of being a criminal, she’s also facing her seventeenth birthday and inoculation with a mandated vaccine which will change her forever.

Zared Aoki is a teenager living on the city’s ravaged streets. When the New Order came into power, homeless people were swept out of sight. According to the government, Zared doesn’t exist. The mission he’s on will make sure officials won’t forget who he is ever again.

When Tru and Zared’s paths cross, sparks fly—in more ways than one. Tru is reckless and has no tolerance for liars. Zared plans his moves while keeping his intentions secret. She needs to avoid a dangerous vaccine. He needs assistance finding the “key” to expose a conspiracy.

Can Tru protect her creativity and avoid the vaccine? Can Zared find what he needs and expose government secrets? With danger surrounding them, can Tru and Zared handle their emotions? Or will authorities end it all for them?

“Regress: The Alliance Chronicles Book One, a debut novel, is a story about secrets and how far people will go to keep them hidden.”

5 Star Review: The author’s style was refreshing and kept you turning the page. I loved the characters, especially Tru (her character development was amazing)! The story, overall, was unique and told a story that was raw and catchy. Tru’s life goes from normal, rebellious teenager to a girl on a mission to establish a better world. This story has betrayal, coming of age, love, and suspense, all in one. I extremely recommend this new series to any reader, it is worth your time! – Amazon review.

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